About Life Orbit

The Life Path Foundation started in the field of technology since 1998 AD, and since that date it has been in the field of technology, praise be to God. It has now become one of the distinguished names in the world of technology.

Therefore, Madar Al-Hayat is considered part of the technology group that includes many information and communication technology companies, known for its advanced provision of software and hardware products, services, distribution, system integration and website solutions with more than 100 companies and more than 2000 employees.

Life Orbit Now

It is an authorized distributor for Apple to sell and distribute Apple products and accessories from several different companies, through authorized sales channels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, Madar Al-Hayat has a maintenance center throughout the Kingdom for computer maintenance and all electronic devices.

They all have equipped service center facilities and well qualified technicians to service all Apple products, in pursuit of our customer satisfaction which we consider as an integral part of our mission.