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Apple unveils new MacBooks!

Apple unveils new MacBooks!

Apple surprised us by updating its product line from MacBook devices, and although we expect another update on these devices later in the year, the new devices are very excellent as they come at lower prices and stronger specifications in general, and among the most prominent of these changes is that all MacBook Pro 2019 devices It will be carrying the touch bar revealed by Apple in 2016.

And I decided to acquire a MacBook today, and there will be a lake due to the large number of options and the diversity of specifications. Fortunately, the new changes have simplified the MacBook production line a lot, as the sale of the 12-inch MacBook that Apple unveiled in 2015 was stopped, although This device carried an amazing design with an incredible lightness, but it came at a high price and average performance, and the time has come to stop selling it, especially with the MacBook Air being the least expensive and the best performing.

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